Hand Tools

Cosmos Hardware brings you the best Hand Tools from the major brands worldwide. The high quality tools will always be your partner to help you with your work. Some of the brands that we deal in are given below:


We provide the following hand tools

  • Wrench sets, Spanner sets, Socket sets
  • Cutting tools (Utility Cutter, Knife, Bolt Cutters, Hacksaw, Chisel, Aviation Snips,  Pipe Cutter, tin Snip, Glass Cutter, Tile Cutter)
  • Holding Tools (Pliers, Crimping Tools, Wire Stripper, Grip Pliers, Gear Pullers, Chain Clamps, C-Clamps, F-Clamps)
  • Fastening Tools ( Screw Drivers, Riveter, Staplers, Glue Gun, Soldering Gun, Core Solder, Hex Key, Flaring Tools, Nail Gun, Glass Holder)
  • Measuring Tools (Measuring Tapes, Levelers, Metric Scale, Digital Caliper, Try Square, Multimeter, Voltage tester, Laser Level, Marking Gauge)
  • Finishing Tools (Files, Wire Brush, Paint Brush, Rollers, Sharpening Stone, Scrappers, Gurumala)
  • Gardening Tools (Shears, Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears, Scissors, Shovel, Pickass, Utility Saw, Hand Saw, Hose Nozzle)
  • Hammers, Wrecking Bar, Bench Wise, Castors, Spray Gun, Air Duster, Grease Gun, Oil Can, Inflator, Squirt Gun